As life takes its course family constellations may change and work & play balance shift. But the spaces we live in might not always adequately accommodate all these transformations. At Studio Selva we know the issue first hand. As architects, and as devoted city dwellers. We also know that even the tiniest of spaces can be converted into comfortable homes. Again and again. This is why and how we design spaces for modern and pleasant living.

How we work

Because one’s home is such a personal affair, we work closely with our clients to find sustainable solutions that respond to their needs. We draft, review and adjust until the ultimate result is reached. We also supervise the project realisation from start to end. We manage permissions, source the materials and rely on a network of trusted builders to complete the job.

We deliver the project in two phases:

  • First, we meet you and your home and translate your wishes into 3 sketch designs and reference images – the different ways your space can be modified. We explain what such a renovation would mean for you: advise on costs, procedures and expected duration. If you like our suggestion, but want to further execute it yourself, there will be no strings attached. Just a small fee.
  • If you decide to go on with the renovation and want to continue working with us, we will translate one selected sketch into a precise technical drawing, work out every design detail, take care of the paperwork and supervise the construction to completion.

If you are considering a re-design of your living or working space, we will be happy to discuss it with you over a cup of freshly brewed coffee. You can contact us directly by emailing or calling us, or by filling in the form below.