Initiated by the Committee de Fantasie & CASLa and supported by the municipality of Almere a small experimental housing settlement De Eenvoud was launched in 2006. This third edition of a series invited creative architecture that went beyond bare functionality and, though conformed to all safety regulations, was not guided by them.

The competition brief called for house proposals with a strong relation to its surroundings. Twelve winning teams selected from 120 submitted proposals received the possibility to realize their designs in an open area in the forest of Noorderplassen-West. The winning teams were also challenged with the responsibility of finding the buyers.

The Mirror House is a private villa with a facade of reflective glass, that connects the house to it’s surroundings while at the same time protecting it’s inhabitants privacy.

The layout of the house was designed with efficiency in mind. Minimal spaces were allocated to corridors; storage spaces were strategically placed on the side of the house that runs along the street. A detail concealed for the outside world, but one that adds a solid wall for the inhabitants.

Because the house has no load bearing walls we were able to create two flexible spaces with sliding panels. Spaces that can easily accommodate temporary or lasting lifestyle changes of its inhabitants.

Long sightlines of the interior and its glass walls anchor it to its surroundings and make the house appear more spacious from the inside. All interior walls are covered with a birch multiplex panel, that gives the house a warm appearance and compliments its the elegant and strict glass exterior.

Project in collaboration with Anouk Vogel

Photos by Jeroen Musch

Project typeCommission
LocationAlmere, NL
Surface120 m2