We always wanted to design an exhibition for this stylish little museum in the south of Sweden, just a stone through away from the former Orrefors glass factory. And we did it.

John Selbing (1908-2001) was a photographer and designer at Orrefors glassworks 1932-73. His artistic and commercial photographic practice and his glass design work developed along each other displaying a common aesthetic thread across his total oeuvre.

To present his work we created a 20m long table that follows the shape of Vapenbäcksån river that crosses the town of Orrefors. A selection of images and unique glass pieces set in chronological order sketched a portrait of the maker and gave a glimpse into the history of the factory.

The exhibition was initiated by Anders Selbing and curated with the help of Zhenia Sveshchinskaya. Open from the 28th of June until the 14th of August 2016.

Project typeCommission
LocationOrrefors, SE
Surface170 m2