Studio Selva is an Amsterdam-based architecture office. We are Alondra Paz Vargas and Johan Selbing. In 2016 we combined our experience working for offices like Mecanoo, VMX, and Zvi Hecker, and set up a studio for straightforward and optimistic architecture.

Our practice spans theoretical research, active involvement in social debate and built projects. We believe that architecture should be inclusive and respectful, and that size does not matter, but detail does. Our projects range from urban development to street furniture and bridges; from villas built from the ground up, to interior transformations that make compact spaces liveable. When it comes to understanding sustainability and exploring construction techniques, we take no shortcuts. Like in 2016, when we took off to Chile to build a house with our bare hands.

Our daring, experimental and, at all times, context-conscious approach to design co-exists with tactile and poetic solutions, developed in respect to clients’ special and spatial needs. Broad in-house expertise, extreme diligence and a network of trusted professionals allow us to lead projects from conceptual phase right through to completion.

Words by Zhenia Sveshchinskaya
Logo by HallerBrun