Our clients are a family of 2 adults and 2 teenage children who were living in a 2-bedroom apartment with one en suite bathroom. The space had to be re-arranged to create 3 separate sleeping units and provide more privacy for all family members.

The solution had to be functional, affordable and flexible.

We introduced a few small changes to the floor plan making the former en suite bathroom accessible from the hallway. To create a third bedroom, we designed an alcove space hidden behind custom designed cabinets. The shelving spaces are divided between the exterior and the interior of the unit. The cabinets feature ventilated doors for coat department, glassed top shelves that allow for natural light to enter the bedroom and additional lighting fitted in the bedside shelving units. The new space, currently serving as a bedroom, may easily be repurposed as a home office or a reading room, or simply dismantled by re-arranged the free-standing cabinets.

Photos by Sonia Mangiapane

Project typeCommission
LocationAmsterdam, NL